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Downloadable copy of the tournament rules are available here.





GAME CLOCK – Four 10 minute running quarters with 1 minute between quarters.  5 minute half time.


PENALTIES – Penalized players in 5/6 Grade must serve time, except Goalie.  Fast Break in 3/4 Grade.

TIME OUTS – Each team has 1 TO per half.  Time stops on the TO.  TO’s are 45 seconds.

SUBSTITUTIONS – Subs on the fly.  Permitted on dead ball situations on sidelines only if promptly requested by coaches and granted by official.  (Yell HORN)  No substitutions on end line dead balls.

BOX RULE – Winning team must keep the ball in the offensive box during last 2 minutes of play in the 4th quarter.

OVERTIME – Winner decided by Braveheart.  1 minute break at end of regulation.

  • BRAVEHEART RULES – Each team will send out a Goalie & 1 field player to face off.  Goalies are not permitted to cross midfield.  1st goal wins.
    • A shot that goes over the end-line is an automatic turn over
    • Shot that misses but stays inbounds is a live ball



PLAYERS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO PLAY ON MULTIPLE TEAMS – exception if opposing coach agrees

NO TAKE OUT CHECKS – Big hits and overly aggressive play (even within 5 yards of loose ball), as well as excessive force, roughness, checking or hitting off the ball, constitutes unnecessary roughness.  Result is a 1 minute penalty.

MERCY RULE – Applies during bracket play but not in Championship games.  Teams down by 6 goals or more will be awarded the ball at midfield after each goal.  2nd half always starts with a face off.

ADDITIONAL 3/4 GRADE RULES - No D Poles.  On a Fast Break Penalty, middies must be held back for 6 seconds until released by the official.



Coaches from both teams are asked to report the score to the tournament site headquarters.  Unreported scores will result in a tie for both teams.



HONOR THE GAME!  Poor sportsmanship, taunting, trash talking, fighting, or other unbecoming behavior by the players, coaches, parents, or fans will not be tolerated.  Tournament organizers and officials reserve the right to eject offenders, terminate a game and / or escort coaches, players, teams, or fans from the premises.

Only Head Coaches are permitted to address the officials but in a respectful manner.  Determinations of officials are final and binding.

Coaches are asked to have their players clean their bench areas from any water bottles, equipment, trash, etc.

EJECTIONS – Referees have the right to eject any player, coach, parent, or spectator from any game.  If the ejected person does not leave the immediate area, the team they are representing will automatically forfeit the game.  The tournament directors reserve the right to remove anyone from the park at any time for any reason that deem as appropriate.  If the ejected person does not leave within 20 minutes of the park ejection, every team in the program that they are representing will forfeit all of their remaining games.  Ignoring ejections will NOT be tolerated.  



Points Awarded for:

  • Win = 2 points
  • Loss = 0 points



  1. Head to Head
  2. Goal differential with a maximum of 8
  3. Total goals scored
  4. Fewest goals allowed


B1, B2, & D Level

Best record / most points from one bracket advances to play the Championship Game vs. the other bracket winner.


A, C, & K-2 Level

  • Most points earned during day wins the championship. 
  • Use Tie Breakers above if necessary.